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Corporate Profile

The application of stem cells within therapy is a significant and thrilling advancement in healthcare, for research institutions and clinics alike. Coined as the Third Pillar in Healthcare, it will revolutionise the way medical professionals provide health solutions for patients. For research, an enriched understanding in molecular and physiological changes will increase medical professionals’ understanding of disease development and therefore define new potential therapeutic strategies. For clinics, enhancing therapies through the application of stem cells has created the potential to regenerate and repair damaged tissue. Current therapies, such as bone marrow transplants, are already leveraging on this critical advancement. The challenge is therefore in the production of healthy stem cells to ensure the continued advancement of the healthcare sector.

Brilliant Research Pte. Ltd. (“Brilliant Research”) endeavors to overcome these challenges head on, by specializing in the development of stem cell research products, production tools and therapy products. In total, accomplishing these goals will ensure the continued evolution of the third pillar of the healthcare sector. Brilliant Research was founded on research from several leading edge A*STAR institutions to ensure best-in-class quality products are delivered.

Brilliant Research was incorporated in response to the market demand for an increase in the number of stem cells for therapy in the production process and the ability to ensure each stem cell is healthy. Based in Singapore, Brilliant Research is able to leverage on a foundation of an advanced research in a collaborative biomedical environment.

Brilliant Research believes not only in the advancement of health which, has been personalised to the individual but also it’s people, products and services offered to customers and industry partners. By establishing sustainable relationships with employees, customers and partners, Brilliant Research is able to enhance its specialist capabilities so to better serve its customer base.