The Third Pillar Specialists

In the past, small-molecule drugs dominated the pharmaceutical industry, which was transformed by the arrival of biologics. Presently, biomedicine sits on the precipice of another revolution; the application of human and microbial cells as multipurpose therapeutic mechanisms. Brilliant Research’s specialist focus is to drive this advancement.

Why Us

Customer perception is reality, in this light, Brilliant Research Pte. Ltd. (“Brilliant Research”), has the philosophy of “Serving Customers The Way We Want To Be Served”. Brilliant Research supports you by leveraging on industry expertise and extensive research experience.

As a specialist in stem cell research, we are committed to delivering premium products and expertise to our customers and business partners. Furthermore, as a result of our specialisation, we are completely focused on a single task; the continual advancement of the individual’s health through pioneering new uses for stem cells. Our dedication to our vision has created customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty since our inception

Brand Value

Knowledge Driven – Possess the drive to continuously improve products, people and processes to ensure the continued development of the healthcare sector.

Teamwork and Collaboration – The best ideas are found at the junction of industry professionals and as such we endeavor to institutionalise this approach to ensure the development of best-in-class products.

Personalised Approach – We believe that healthcare and business require tailored solutions, we strive to ensure we meet the demands in customized way.

Corporate Pledge

Brilliant Research pledges that 10% of all company profits will be donated to humanitarian charities that are in line with our corporate culture and the direction of the company.


Brilliant Research is headquartered in Singapore alongside our manufacturing, and research and development centers. Our key distribution centers are in the United States, Japan and United Kingdom.