Meet The Team

“To create viable bioprocesses for cell therapy, and drug development applications with stem cells.”

Dr Steve Oh Stem Cells Scale Up, microcarriers

Dr Steve Oh


Dr. Oh PhD is the Institute Scientist and Director of Stem Cell Bioprocessing at the Bioprocessing Technology Institute (BTI) in Singapore. BTI is a premier institute in the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR). A*STAR is dedicated to benefiting society as a whole through collaboration with partners both private and public. Dr. Oh is the pioneering leader of the co-inventions and the founder of Brilliant Research.

Steve has been married to Lilian for 23 years and they have one teenage son, Emmanuel. Steve is active and dedicated in charitable efforts. He has been involved with HAND (Humanitarian Assistance Network for Development) since 2009, his role has been as a trainer to various groups in South East Asian countries on disaster preparedness. In 2015, in collaboration with HAND, he helped to provide land for a new English school for 800 students in Kupang, one of the poorest provinces of Indonesia. Most recently, he was part of a team of that visited Dolakha, Nepal after the 2nd major earthquake to assist in the effort to rebuild homes. Steve has a heart for helping those in need whether it is in a professional capacity or in a personal capacity; Steve finds great joy in helping others.

Steve also keeps in peak physical condition by sprint swimming at the weekends at his clubhouse.

Mr David and Mrs Lilian Chiang

Director and Corporate Secretary

Mr. Chiang is a director and Mrs. Chiang is the corporate secretary at Brilliant Research. They are equipped with over 40 years of experience and business acumen in Corporate Service and Business Development.

David and Lilian have worked with and managed several top multinational Singaporean brands. Their strong work ethic and humility has created their respected status in the corporate world. Together David and Lilian bring deep commercialisation management experience and council to establishing a Singaporean start-up.

David and Lilian have been married as long as they have been in business. Their interests are in building strong family ties and enjoying good food.