MSC Production & QC Starter Kit

All-in-one starter kit

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MSC Production & QC Starter Kit


All-in-one starter kit



Human mesenchymal stem cells are versatile cells which have found a broad range of applications in over 1000 clinical trials ranging from immune diseases, restoring degenerated of tissues, support of blood stem cells, to healing of stroke and lung injury. For many of these applications, a significant dose of cells are needed ranging from 10 million to 1 billion cells [1, 2]. Typically, researchers will use tissue culture flasks to generate the cells; however this is both inefficient and requires handling of multiple individual flasks during seeding, feeding and harvesting.

Brilliant Research has developed extensive solutions for MSC expansion in bioreactors that can reduce the cost of manufacturing by 5 to 7 fold and prime MSC towards osteogenic and chondrogenic differentiation [3, 4, 5]. Based on our expertise, Brilliant Research has launched a new MSC production kit to help researchers achieve their MSC production goals. The MSC production kit consists of all the components needed for producing 100 million MSC in one culture vessel. The kit consists of MSC-SpheresTM, a 125ml spinner flask, a 50ml filter for cell harvesting, a 4 station agitator platform and 20 assays of SenezRedTM for quality control of the expanded MSC. This Production Kit will help researchers achieve their expansion needs in a simpler manner and at a fraction of the time compared to tissue culture flasks.


  • Production of MSC for in vitro studies and in vivo transplantation [3,4,5].
  • Production of MSC for tissue engineering [3,5].
  • Production of MSC for autologous applications.

This product is for research use only and not for use in clinical applications.


Protocol available upon request.

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